TJ's LawnCare Services

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Description Of General Maintenance Services


Weekly, Bi-Weekly Lawn Maintenance.

Spring / Fall Clean Up:

We want your yard to be neat and well groomed so our team of professionals will do a total clean up of your lawn, flower beds by removing all sticks, leaves and any debris using blowers and rakes that will help give your lawn the stimulation for a better lush green look come early spring.

Fertilize Programs:    ( Four Applications )

April - crabgrass preventer and lime application.

May/June - broad leaf weed, Insect control.

July/Aug.- grub control.

October - winter fertilizer / lime.

Lawn Services:

General maintenance, mowing, spring / fall clean-ups, weedwacking and blowing down of all walkways and driveway, hedge / shrub trimming, fertilize programs and flower bed weeding.

Mulching / Edging:

As requested, choice of mulch color Red Hemlock, Pine Bark or Black Forrest. Edging 2", 3" or 4" deep.

Hedge/Shrub Trimming:

Hedges trimmed in late May early June or as needed.


All flower beds, as needed driveways and walkways we will put a deterrent application.

Spring / Fall Clean Up

Leaves, sticks and debris will be removed and disposed of in local landfill.

Handyman Services:

Property Management

Carpet Installation,
Painting, Staining, Window Repair,Toilet, Doors, Drywall, Wall Repair and Stockade Fense Repair.

Dump Runs / Junk Removal

Garage and Storage Clean - Outs.


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